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little boxes on the hillside! little boxes made of tickytacky!


that was nothing

john loves me :]
he thinks i sound funny but i think i sound pretty freaking amazing right now!
he is staring and sighing.
i really do think he loves me.

i hope so because he means pretty much everyhting.
today is the day before our day off form finals before we have finals
and we celebrated the day off!
celebrated almost looks like cleavage if you tiype it incorrectly
but hoenstly
i love him.
i love my roommate and hope her bf is happy
i love tiffany a whole, whole lot.
katie ate a hot ;picket with me!
and alex is home safe.
tonight was succcesfful and i am super happy.

tomorrow : stuyding a lot
tonight : cuddling with the most amazing man int ehw owrld :]

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